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The Gamcheon Cultural Village is a naturally settled town located in Busan Sahagu Gamcheondong. After the successful Gamcheon Village Art Project, the village earned its reputation as a nationwide tourist spot and its title as a cultural village.

The town was originally formed as the Taeguekdo followers and war refugees settled in the area; and it used to be referred to as a religious settlement. The lives of refugees are deeply rooted in the history of Gamcheon Cultural Village and the village has preserved Busan and the nation’s painful modern history. The “MiroMiro Alley (Labyrinth Alley)” of houses orderly lined up along the mountain line is a unique view only available in the Gamcheon village. The Village Art Project was launched in 2009 by the local artists and residents to revive the historical values and neat features of the town.

The “Dreaming Busan’s Machu Picchu” Project and the “MiroMiro Alley” Project launched in 2009, performed maintenance checks of the residential environment and painted murals to renovate the town to the way it is today. As tiny alleys were decorated with pictures and murals and the walls were colored with paint, the town gained its reputation as a tourist spot. Then the town became a full-fledged tourist attraction and earned its name as the “Santorini of Korea” or “Busan’s Machu Picchu” as shops, cafés, and workshops began to fill the area. The estimated number of annual visitors is about 1.4 million. A renovation project is still in progress to make rooftop gardens or parks and to turn empty houses into a workshop, gallery, book café, restaurant, bed and breakfast, and more.

Main facilities for tourists include the information center, Gamnae Community Center, town office, happiness plant, and more. There are many hands-on activity programs such as metal crafts, caricatures, ceramics, wood carving, puzzle painting and more. Haneul Maru acts as the information guide with relevant materials and also as the town observatory.

It is built on a house preserved in its original structure and on its rooftop you can see the Busan Harbor, Yongdusan in Seomyeon, and the Gamcheon port. There is the famous “The Little Prince” photo zone nearby.

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