• 송도구름산책로
  • 송도구름산책로
  • 송도구름산책로

The Songdo Coastal Walkway stretches for 800 m, starting at the Hyeon-in Square on Songdo Beach and ending at the Amnam Park. It takes approximately 40 minutes for a round trip and there are five observatories and two cloud bridges.

The trail course with a detour around the Amnam Park and back to the Songdo beach is about 7 km long and takes about 3 hours. The stratum observable from the trail is about 100 million years old and has great educational value.

It is Seogu’s best trail with its unique coastal highlights, Biennale sculpture, dense forests, and deserted island you can enjoy.

Songdo Could Bridge is Busan’s newest tourist attraction that was made available in June, 2016. This walkway is 365m long and 2.3m wide (9.3m high); it is the nation’s longest curved coastal walkway, also known as the Sky Walk. The Seogu Office has spent about 6.8 billion won on this project.

The best part of the nation’s longest offshore deck in the middle of the sea is the feeling of walking on water. The floor on some parts of the bridge is made with transparent glass to make visible the waves dancing beneath your feet. It is becoming the new landmark of Seogu as the bridge not only provides exhilarating rides but also superb beauty due to its natural curves.

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