10. 유치환 우체통
  • 유치환의 우체통
  • 유치환의 우체통
  • 유치환의 우체통

Yu Chi-hwan’s Post Office is a tribute to the teacher who died in Donggu. He served as a principal twice at Gyeongnam High school. He was killed in a car accident in 1967. The post office is located next to the Ibagu Station and the 168-stairs. The tribute opened on May 15, 2013. The first floor consists of a cascading outdoor theatre and the second floor features glass walls used for art exhibitions.

On the second floor, on the left of his poetry verse ‘like emerald Seomyeon skies’ is the Bukhang Bridge; on the right is the Namhang Bridge. At the rooftop observatory, the entirety of the poem “Happiness” is written. The poem starts with “Those who love are happier than those who are loved.” Next to the poem is a red mailbox called the “Happiness Mailbox.” The postcards sent from the mailbox are delivered exactly one year after the date sent.

At the end of the Choryang Yibagu road are the Fireworks Observatory, the Kkakomak Guesthouse, and the local community café called the “Cheonji Bbaekari.” Kkakomak means slopes in Busan dialect. Inside the café are the local brand, Alley Bread’s handmade shampoos, soaps, salts, and natural seasonings and more.

Visitors can enjoy magnificent views of the Busan Harbor and the Sanbok road from the kkakomak café and the kkakomak observatory. The café has coffee, refreshments, and other locally made products and offers programs like barista experience and pearly beads craft.

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