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Democracy Park was created in remembrance of the historic events that significantly contributed to Korean modern history; the 4·19 revolution, 1979 Buma Democratic Uprising, 6·29 of 1987 Uprising and more.

The park seeks to instill and develop the spirits of the past democratic movements in the citizens. The total area sums up to 20,337m2 and was opened on October 16, 1999 as the 20th anniversary of Buma Democratic Uprising. The park is an important symbol representing Busan’s decisive role in the democratic movements and serves the necessary educational purposes. As the main facility, there is the Busan Democratic Movement Memorial. On the first floor of the memorial, there is a 419-seated theatre, a 120-seated small theatre and the information center.

The second floor has a permanent exhibition and seminar room, library and more. The third floor special exhibition room and the historical records storage.

The 419-seated medium sized theatre holds international conferences and academic events, various lectures, movies, recitals and play performances. The small theatre is used for small conferences, lectures, and movie viewing. The outdoors theater is used for plays and music venues. There are over 400 kinds of trees at the arboretum and rest areas are available at the Iljoo road with different themes, such as hardships, memorial, justice and more. In the vicinity, there is the Central Library, Liberation Hall, and the Busan Victory Memorial.

Every June, the Busan Democratic Uprising Memorial commemorates the June Uprising and holds various discussions, guest lectures, folk art exhibitions to inherit the spirit.
Other attractions of the park are the Prunus Serrulata Cherry Blossom and Fugenzo Japanese Flowering Cherry Blossom trees. The prunus serrulata and the UN Park are Daeyeondong’s main attractions. Unlike regular cherry blossoms that bloom in early April, the prunus serrulata bloom until the end of April. Trees with layered petals are also called the cherry flower trees.

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