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The Bosudong Bookstore Alley refers to the tight diagonal alley of used bookstores across the Gukje Market (International Market) entrance at the Daecheonglo intersection. In the beginning, the bookstore owners sold the used books that the Japanese left behind after the August 15th liberation at the International Market. But as the market was privatized, they moved their shops to Bosudong to the current alley.

The alley was vitalized as the supply and demand of used books were met during the Korean War by the refugees and students. The history of the alley is known to have started when a North Korean refugee Son Jeong-lin and his wife started to sell used books from the U.S. Army on a couple of wooden boxes (formerly known as Bomun Bookstore). At its peak, in the 1960~1970s, over 70 bookstores were operating.

Books sold at the alley cover almost all types, ranging from school books to children’s books, novels, dictionaries, ancient books, comics, magazines and more. You can get used books for up to 40~70% cheaper than the original prices and new books for 10~20% cheaper.

Bosudong Book Alley is one of Korea’s few remaining book alleys and is one of Busan’s proud attractions. The City of Busan appreciates the Bosu Bookstore alley for its historical value and rarity. Thus, in 2015 the city opened a children’s library and is currently working to turn the alley into a Special Culture Zone.

With such efforts, Bosudong offers more than just the Bookstore alley; charming cafés and fairytale murals offer plenty of things to do and see for exploring tourists. Since 1996, the Bosu Bookstore Cooperative has been sponsoring Bookstore Alley festivals to offer services like free book exchange and ancient book display and more which are loved by the locals.

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