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Yeongdodaegyo is Korea’s first bascule bridge built to connect to an island. Bascule Bridge is designed allow large vessels to pass through it. Its operation began in 1934, and it has been the backbone of transport between Yeongdo and Kwangbok since. In 1966, it stopped its gateway function.

But in 2013, despite the controversial Safety Test results in 2003, it was expanded and restored to fully function as a bascule bridge for the purpose of historical symbolism. On November of 2006, it was designated as the 56th Busan monument.

The Yeongdodaegyo is the structure that best symbolizes Busan. It has a high historical value as Busan’s as it has an important place in Busan history. During the Korean War, refugees waited for their separated families on this bridge.

The song by Hyeon-in, is about a man anxiously waiting for his lover that parted on the Yeongdodaegyo. Lyrics with the symbolic words of the era, like ‘Hungnam Pier,’ ‘Third Battle of Seoul,’ the ‘International Market,’ ‘Yeongdodaegyo’ and more with detailed descriptions successfully draws mournful portrayal of the war. The song gained great popularity and was referred to as the “Song of the Nation.” A memorial stone of the song was erected at the bridge entrance.

Jagalchi Market and the Dried Fish Wholesale Market are also must-see tourist attractions. Nampodong is the center for culture and tourism with the Busan International Film Festival and the Jagalchi Cultural Tourism Festival. In addition, Jagalchi Market and the Dried Fish Wholesale Market is the nation’s largest seafood distribution center. The Jagalchi market has been referred to as “Jagalchi” meaning gravel in Korean, due to the masses of gravel on the beaches in the South Port. Nampodong used to be Busan’s most urban area but as businesses migrated to Seomyeon, its influence has been slowly weakening.

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